Empowering research and investment to shape tomorrow’s medicine
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Phase one
and Assessment
The journey begins with proactive search for promising medical research projects. Our team conducts a thorough assessment, evaluating each project’s innovation, potential impact, and feasibility.

This involves rigorous scientific review, potential market analysis, and preliminary discussions with research teams to understand their vision, capabilities, and needs.
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Phase two
Due Diligence and
Following initial assessments, selected projects undergo a comprehensive due diligence process. This step digs deeper into the project's technical details, team qualifications, legal considerations, and financial requirements. It ensures that only the most viable and impactful projects are chosen for funding, aligning with Stem's mission to accelerate the development of transformative healthcare solutions.
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Phase three
Matching with Investors
Once a project passes our stringent evaluation process, Stem matches it with suitable investors from our network. This matchmaking is based on the project's specific needs and the investor's interest areas and investment philosophy.

Our aim is to create synergistic partnerships that provide not just financial support but also strategic value to propel the research forward.